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with the Virtual Airline Management System.

We provide the leading management system for Virtual Airlines - whether they are big or small, vAMSYS is trusted by hundreds of VAs to provide services to tens of thousands of pilots.

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Key Features

vAMSYS is an intuitive, easy-to-use end-to-end system liked by the pilots and VA Managers.

Let us take care of issues like hosting, bugs and errors - you focus on growing and improving your community.

Modern and Customisable Interface

Constant updates to the underlying platform

Unrivalled Community Features - Forums, Events, Pages and More

Best-in-Class PIREP Tracking and Scoring

Make your staff at home with granular permissions and ample options to make your VA yours

ACARS System like no other

Why Everyone Loves vAMSYS

vAMSYS started as in-house system for the two largest Virtual Airlines within the flight simulation community - we know what's needed for VAs of today, and it shows in what we offer you.

vAMSYS is a Community
Pilots know and they love the system

Nobody likes to juggle many logins - Pilots overwhelmingly prefer vAMSYS for a single-login and ACARS. VA Owners do not like to maintain server infrastructure and engage in multi-year development projects. vAMSYS makes it simple - our ACARS, our Servers - let us worry about that, you make your VA awesome.

  • Team vAMSYS comes from VA background - we manage some of the biggest VAs out there and we know what VAs need
  • Single user login to access 100s of VAs - vAMSYS is used by thousands of pilots
  • Extensive knowledgebase - we cover every feature of vAMSYS so you are not in the dark
  • Discord - engage with other VAs and Team vAMSYS - we do not hide behind email

Phoenix Pilot Interface
Where your community comes together

This is where your pilots interact with your Virtual Airline. Communicative layout, custom styling, event showcase - this is where your VA comes to shine and impress.

  • Custom CSS for you to add your own touch to the look and feel of the interface
  • Built by virtual pilots for virtual pilots - no clutter - key information at the fingertips
  • Powerful alert and notification tools to inform your pilots
  • SimBrief integration takes booking and dispatching flights to the next level
  • A familiar system for your pilots - tens of thousands of pilots have experienced vAMSYS Dispatch system

Orwell Control Room
Add Events, Manage PIREPs and Settings

The big brother, VA Central - Orwell is where it all happens. Lists, tables, toggles, text boxes - the number of customisation options will make your head spin. Orwell is your control room - set your scorers, review PIREPs, manage pages and look of vAMSYS.

  • Industry-leading PIREP Scoring options and tools to review them
  • Livery management - no more under-the-radar flights flying a CONC when a B738 is booked
  • Add your Staff team and assign permissions to the areas of interest
  • Events, Custom Pages, Forum Management and so much more - Orwell is the place

VDS - Virtual Dispatch System
Airport, Aircraft and Route Management

  • Our In-House solution for route management - your data, our validation
  • Manage Airports, Aircraft, Stand allocations, Cargo containers and loadables
  • Make it simple or granular with custom taxi times, stand allocations, fleet assignements per route or airport
  • Delegate access to your custom areas to specific area managers
  • Bulk route, airport and fleet edits made simple with powerful Importers

ACARS Software Included

Pegasus is vAMSYS ACARS tracker - one piece of software for MSFS, P3D and xPlane users (Windows) to track and record their flights.

  • Built for vAMSYS by vAMSYS to tie into vAMSYS perfectly
  • Sound Pack you can custom for your VA
  • Flight resume option in case of sim crash

Ultimate File Management System

No more scattered files and endless links. With Hangar.to, your pilots have quick access to all the resources they need, from checklists to liveries, in one convenient location. VAs can effortlessly manage versions, track downloads, and ensure that only authorized users have access to their files.

  • Higly flexible and customisable to ones needs, no need for Team vAMSYS to set anything up.
  • Secure Access: Protect your files with restricted access, ensuring only your pilots can download them.
  • Tailored for Virtual Airlines - vAMSYS In-House project.

vAMSYS Vision
Our Platform, Your Vision

No, it is not the opticians - Vision is the place for you to suggest ideas for vAMSYS improvement - vAMSYS development is driven by the Virtual Airlines and their needs.

  • Continuously improving and expanding platform driven by the needs of our customers
  • We listen - as part of vAMSYS family, you have a voice in the future of vAMSYS
  • Top-of-the-line alerting and monitoring tools to let us know of a problem before you or your pilots know about it
  • We reinvest the majority of the subscription income to the servers and services we run

What do Virtual Airlines say

"vAMSYS takes away the headache of backend coding, offering a plethora of VA features out of the box."

BWA, Owner

"The most comprehensive Virtual Airline management system as an end to end solution available on the market, other systems are not even close. vAMSYS Team is always very helpful, kind and approachable. We are a very happy customer for more than 2 years."

TVS, Owner

"The days where phpVMS & VA Base ruled are well behind us. If you're looking for a sleek, highly customisable VA platform with community, innovation and support at the top of their agenda, then look no further than vAMSYS. Some of the world's top VA's are with vAMSYS - that's all you need to know!"

RYR, Owner

"We love using VAMSYS because of its full customization and allows us to make our VA our own!"

VLG, Owner

"vAMSYS has been a game changer for us, the most advanced system around an incredible and active development team. "

AIV, Owner

"vAMSYS is offering our pilots a fantastic platform. One which they can use to enhance their simulation within the airline industry."

EZY, Owner

"An outstanding platform to host a virtual airline with an extensible suite of configurable options so you can run a virtual airline how you wish."

EXS, Owner

"The variety of customizable operating features that VA managers can now choose to include, to tailor to their specific virtual airline needs."

BTI, Owner

"I love the fact that vAMSYS also offers additional custom CSS and json outputs to further personalize my VA."

TVP, Owner

Simple no-tricks pricing

We don't believe in complicated billing schemes or restricting access to features behind tiered subscription. We treat all Virtual Airlines the same - everyone gets access to all v3 features and no-card-required 14 day trial.

Access to all features
£ 20 /mo