Welcome to vAMSYS - the Virtual Airline Management System

We provide the leading management system for virtual airlines, used by big and small airlines alike to provide services to tens of thousands of pilots, on a daily basis.

vAMSYS provides an intuitive, easy-to-use system that is friendly to your pilots, your routes and operations staff and your VA management, all under one roof.

We own and operate two of the largest virtual airlines within the flight simulation community, so we know what's needed. We'll always try and do what's best for our customers, and the many thousands of pilots that use our service.

We take care of the nitty gritty of operating a website and leave you to focus on the things that matter most for you and your community.

Groundbreaking Features

We are different to any other VA management platform out there.

Modern interface and features

We provide an intuitive, modern interface that your VA can be proud to use. The website is fully responsive and can be accessed via a mobile device or on your desktop computer, at any resolution.

ACARS like no other

We consume and process data from our very own Pegasus tracker - the flight simulation industry's leading ACARS tracking and reporting software made available exclusively to vAMSYS VAs - like no other platform out there. We individually match, process and extract information from every line in the PIREP log, giving you an incredible level of control over the scoring of your airline's PIREPs. Want to award bonus points for a single engine taxi? Sure. Want to monitor and send for review PIREPs that have an excessive taxi time? Can do.

Speedy PIREP review

PIREPs flagged for review can be checked quickly and with ease using our PIREP reviewer. Say goodbye to page reloads and endless loading - and say hello to a fluid, intuitive experience that will mean you spend less time on admin and more time interacting with your community.

Granular permissions

Delegate the responsibilities of managing a VA with ease and with control. Individually set permissions for VA management per user, including whether they display on your VA's staff page.

Don't let your pilots hang around

Our platform is rapid not only to understand but to use. Client side resources like stylesheets, images and JavaScript files are served from our lightning-fast CDN - something a self hosted solution could seldom offer without heavy modification.